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That Summer feeling...

Summer additions to our Classic collection

And just like that, it's June and we're planning BBQs, vacations and beach days. Time flies when you're having fun!

We've flipped the switch on our seasonal selections for you to bring along your favorite summer candles to transform your vacation pad with the strike of a match.

Lilac: Pleasant and floral, like a fresh-picked bunch of lilac blooms.


Pink Grapefruit: fresh and punchy like a juicy, ruby red grapefruit.

Lemongrass Sage: herbal and fresh mixture of hearty lemongrass blended with earthy, cleansing sage.

Beach Blanket: like a freshly laundered blanket laid out on the hot sand paired with a beach breeze and sun tan lotion.

You may be wondering why the label design is different on Beach Blanket. We're getting a long overdue make-over and over the next few months we'll be rolling out our freshly redesigned labels! By the end of this year we should be fully converted to this clean, classy new look.

Quick updates

• We still have a handful of the limited edition Black Lodge candle left in stock. Influenced by the David Lynch television show, Twin Peaks, our Black Lodge candle is strange, sexy and mysterious, much like the surreal "Red Room." Don't miss out on this incredible candle.

• Many have asked about if the Dragon's Blood candle will be available again. We retired this scent a while back to make room for some new additions. If all goes as planned, we'll release a fresh batch sometime in late summer!

Halloween forever: the Halloween collection is on the calendar for release on August 15th! Many of the past favorites are returning, All Hallows' Eve, Poison Apple, Pumpkinhead, Sleepy Hollow and Witch's Broom. A new addition to the line-up is Black Bat, which smells like a combo of pomegranate cider and cinnamon. What about the Salem candle that we featured last year? We're happy to say we're working on making it a permanent part of our collection! Updated label design is in the works...

Upcoming Events

Our last outdoor vending event is coming up on June 18th at the Beverly Arts Festival. We're going to take some time off from the outdoor markets for good behavior and enjoy the summer months.

Keep checking our calendar page for future dates!


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