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Looking back, looking ahead

2015 was an amazing year for Witch City Wicks. We were busy. Really, really busy.

We had a great opportunity to run a seasonal shop on Artists' Row, in our beloved "Witch City" from May to November. I met so many amazing customers who traveled to Salem from all over the country (the world?) and made it a point to come find our shop to say hello and get some candles.

Salem had one of the craziest October seasons in 2015 (Halloween on Saturday? Hell YES!) and for the first time I roped in some of my nearest and dearest to form a street team to vend our tent on Essex St. I'm grateful that they all agreed and actually had fun working. Aren't they all cute? :)

In the midst of all this, we made the necessary move into a new studio because we desperately needed the space. Luckily we relocated in the same building, just moved from the fourth floor to the first floor. I owe my husband a huge thank you (again) for helping me schlep all the stuff out of the old studio space in a matter of hours.

My new studio is the kind of work space I used to day dream about when I first started making candles in my little kitchen five years ago. Back then, it felt like a dream to be able to move my business out of my home, let alone into a space with lots of storage and a decent amount of work space. I'm still organizing and finding places for everything, but I think this space will be our home for a long time.

There wasn't much downtime after the shop on Artists' Row closed down for the year. I had to set up the new studio as quickly as possible to get ready for the holiday rush and to start doing shows. I had an assistant for the season and we just cranked out online orders. I roped in helpers in the evenings to work on labeling and packaging. I only had to work a handful of 14 hour days!

I never fully realize how busy our little studio is until the turn of the new year when I see "the numbers" and realize how many orders we sent out. Witch City Wicks has grown so much with the help of our loyal customers spreading the word and coming back for more candles. And for that, I thank you guys.

Looking ahead to 2016, I'm brimming over with a lot of great ideas!

Some of our older candles will be saying good-bye to make way for new ones. New scented products will debut over the course of the year, the first being: wax melts! We have two "anti-valentine" scents (Tainted Love and Bite ME) available right now and we'll be slowly rolling other scents out over the next month or so.

Keep an eye out for updated vending dates on our Calendar page as we take Witch City Wicks on the road. We just found out that we'll be at the new and improved South End Open Market at INK BLOCK, and hope to add some new markets we haven't appeared at before.

For news and announcements, the best places to keep up to date on things is our Facebook page and if you're not following us on Instagram (@witchcitywicks)), then you're missing out!



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