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April update

Well, it's crazy how fast things can change in just a month...

It seems silly to post an update about our candle business while our country is in the grip of a pandemic. Life has drastically veered off course due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Social distancing is our life these days.

Salem Shop News

Our Salem shop, as a non-essential business, has been closed since March 13th and will be closed until at least May 4th (although I do expect that date to be pushed out again). We are seriously missing our co-workers and our customers but we know this is for the best.

Studio News

Our online store is still open to shop, and we're grateful to those who have taken advantage of that. Since our full crew isn't allowed to work together in the studio, it's just been me to process them. Because of this, our normal shipping schedule is out of whack. But things are being shipped in pretty good time, all things considered.

We're going to keep shipping for a long as we can, as long as Massachusetts doesn't institute a shelter in place order.

And, sadly, our search for a larger studio is put on hold indefinitely until the uncertainty of the world around us settles down.

Featured Fragrance of the Month

We thought bringing back Green Man in the month of April was perfect.

The Green Man motif is frequently depicted as a man's face, encompassed by leaves, vines, and flowers. It's believed to have been intended as a symbol of growth and rebirth, the eternal seasonal cycle of the coming of Spring.



April marks two big milestones for Witch City Wicks. Later this month we'll celebrate 9 years of being in business and 3 years since we got the keys to our store front. This has been an incredible endeavor from where we started to where we are now. During those first days of pouring candles in my kitchen, I never thought we'd be where we are now.

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