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Halloween Pre-order Info and FAQs

Witch City Wicks is extremely excited to make our Halloween collection available for a special, online only, no inventory limit pre-order weekend.

We are a small candle company based out of Salem, MA and Halloween is kinda our thing. This collection is our favorite to produce and we spend many months planning and creating to make it special for all Halloween lovers out there!

The Halloween pre-order weekend begins at 11am on Friday, July 23 EST and ends at 11:59pm on July 25. 
If you're new to us and how this works, here's some things you should know (PLEASE READ):
  • This is a no-limit inventory, *online only* release, meaning you can order as many items as you’d like, with no restrictions. (During our regular season we have weekly, limited inventory releases to keep our workload manageable). The entire core collection (candles, melts, sprays, roll-ons) will be available.
  • We absolutely CANNOT combine multiple orders for shipping, so take your time shopping before you complete your purchase.
  • Shipping costs and advice: shipping candles can be expensive because they are heavy. Costs also go up based on where you live in the country (we ship from Massachusetts, so if you live in California the shipping will be more). Shipping rates are dictated by the carriers NOT by us. Tip #1: It is less expensive to ship multiple items rather than just one. Tip #2: order with a friend and split the shipping costs.
  • We have a small team taking care of shipping and we'll all be dedicated to packing orders. Shipping window for pre-orders is end of July through end of August.
  • You'll receive a shipping & tracking email when your order is ready to ship. When we have to answer emails wondering when items will ship, the time it takes us to answer email questions pulls us away from shipping. PLEASE save the emails if you can (we appreciate it).
  • The Salem shop personnel will not have any information regarding online orders. If you have questions, please email us at
  • Sorry, but pre-sale orders cannot be picked up in person locally. Our order volume is too high during this time to accommodate this.
  • The Halloween collection WILL be available in the Salem shop in September.

Many thanks in advance for your excitement! As a small business, we truly appreciate your support.

Liz and the Witch City Wicks crew