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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What kind of wax to do you use?
      We use 100% natural soy wax.
    2. Are your candles vegan?
      Yes, they are and we're committed to offering cruelty-free products.
    3. Do you do private label/custom scents?

    4. Do you offer candle making classes?

    5. Will you donate <a large amount of> candles for my event?
      Because we are a small company, we are unable to donate large amounts of candles for swag bags/events. If you would like to purchase them at bulk prices, please contact us. We will occasionally donate gift sets or single candles for silent auctions for causes that matter to us.

    6. Do you dropship?
      No, we do not dropship or sell on dropship e-commerce stores.

    7. Do you wholesale?
      Yes! Please fill out this form to be considered as a wholesale partner.

    8. Do you ship internationally?
      Yes, if you place your order in our online shop, we can ship to you wherever you may be in the world!

    9. Do you offer samples?
      Our travel tin sizes are a great way to sample our scents.

    10. I saw this [ __product__ ] in your shop but don't see it online. How can I purchase it?
      We don't sell our curated shop items on our website. Our online fulfillment is in a different location and we only sell certain items in the Salem shop for a unique shopping experience.
    11. I placed more than one order online. Can you combine shipping?
      We cannot accommodate combining orders. If you place more than one order, you'll receive them all separately.